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Customer Reviews

  • Novica Icic on 23.07.2020

The service provided by your company was fast, reliable and your technician was very polite and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone who needs battery replacement and can’t start a car.

  • Leslie Charles Foster on 25.07.2020

Excellent service both on the telephone and roadside assistance, please ensure both management and the service representatives are recognized and thanked for the exceptional service provided.

  • Francis Nazareth on 25.7.2020

The service was prompt and very good. Am happy with the service.

  • Christopher Hughes on 3.8.2020

Fantastic service came within the hour. Happy we had the breakdown cover.

  • Agostino Turco on 12.8.2020

I have called AAA because my car was stuck in a parking area in west bay, the person in charge was very professional, he arrived on time to the appointment, he had all equipment necessary to fix my car, he was wearing a mask

  • Christian Adolfo on 5.10.2020

Thanks for your excellent service. Was on time, quick and clean. It was given the warranty as well and well explained everything. Have a good day

  • Nik on 5.10.2020

Hello, my name is Nik, I would like to commend the excellent service by your team. The technician was friendly and soft-spoken and explained well when asked about the car. Customer service on the phone was also excellent. Thank you. Will recommend it to friends.










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