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5 Simple Car Battery Maintenance Tips before your Trip

“Regular car battery check and maintenance not only ensures the best performance out of your car but also save you from costly repairs.”

Remember. Car batteries are vital for an automobile, and if you are not paying attention to it, be prepared to invest time, money, or any other unforeseen hassles on the road. Without battery maintenance that warrants your own inspection, your car batteries may die anytime. Henceforth, before you find yourself stuck somewhere, why not keep your vehicle in optimum operating performance through battery maintenance and check?

So, what actually causes car battery discharge?

A number of factors account for quick battery discharge-

  • warm weather shortens battery span as the fluid in car batteries evaporates faster
  • Likewise, cold weather slows down car battery (e.g, in 32°F, 35% of the car strength is lost, while 0°F consumes 60% of car battery strength)
  • short rides prevent the battery from charging
  • excessive usage of Air Conditioner or radio eats up battery power
  • loose cables, corrosion, defective alternator or a worn-out battery can drain off car energy
  • common human errors such as forgetting to turn off car headlights, leaving the internal lights on etc. can significantly drain off your car battery power.

Battery maintenance checklist

Your car battery is not much demanding. Hence, just a small amount of care or periodic check will ensure that it doesn’t let you down. In the light of the above, take a look at the 5 simple car maintenance tips and tricks that can help you overcome run-down battery.

  1. Check the electrolyte level

Introspect if the battery has sufficient electrolyte that covers the battery plates. Refill the electrolyte only with distilled or demineralised water before charging for topping up the water level. However, make sure not to overfill. Also, make sure that the fluid inside the battery is not contaminated as this might shorten your battery life span.

  1. Test battery State of Charge (SOC)

Since most of the automotive lead batteries come sealed, it’s not possible to determine the state of charge SOC. But still, you can derive the SOC values by measuring the voltage using a voltmeter. Also, you can get the most accurate values if the batteries are loaded off for at least 6 hours and preferably 24 hours before.

  1. Recycle the battery
  • Are your car batteries showing signs of corrosion or leakage?
  • Did you know that 99% of lead-acid battery is recyclable?

Keep a check on the signs of corrosion. or leakage. In order to avoid contamination, pollution and potential fire hazard from lead-acid, it’s best to recycle old car batteries. Likewise, you can also reduce waste while ensuring that your car batteries never endanger your children’s health. All you can do is return your old car batteries to the authorised dealers or replacement team.

  1. Keep battery at the correct charge when not in use

Not using your car for a long time. Attach a smart trickle charger to keep them topped up and protect your batteries from extreme temperatures.  Not only this will maintain your car battery life but also replenish batteries with energy for self-charge that goes to ‘float mode’ automatically when your battery is fully charged. However, you need to keep an eye if the trickle charger is overcharged as it may damage the battery, if left for too long!

  1. Keep clamps and cables clean

Inspect the screws, clamps, cables and terminals for any damage, loose connections, or breakage. Make sure they are tight and free from dirt, dampness, grease or corrosion. Moisture, dirt and filthy battery will not only minimize battery shelf life but also weakens the charge.

A faulty car battery can fail you anytime. If your car battery is down at home or on the road, only a reliable car battery maintenance and replacement service can get you out of the situation. Rely on batteryfly that not only saves you the trouble of finding a tow service or a nearby service station but also saves a lot of time, energy and money with 24/7 onsite battery assistance any time of the day! All you need to do is just call our experts right away!

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