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Battery Maintenance Checklist

If you want a long service life for your Car Battery in Doha, a maintenance routine is a must. A regular battery maintenance schedule includes an appropriate procedure in the correct order. Remember, the longer your battery lasts with maintenance, the lower your cost. There are various points to be checked to push the battery life beyond published life spans.

To achieve optimum battery performance and maintenance-free battery, here is a checklist for you to observe:

  • To enjoy a maintenance-free battery, ensure that the car battery is clean, free from corrosion, and dust.
  • If your battery is down to 20% capacity, charge immediately.
  • To prevent leakage, ensure that you keep the external battery case clean that maintains the level of electrolytes.
  • Protect battery from extreme temperatures hot and cold by using an insulation wrap.
  • Check your lead-acid battery voltage every month with a voltmeter. The right battery voltage is 12.7 volts or more. If it is less than 12.7 volts, recharge the battery immediately.
  • Always clean the batteries with specialized detergent after adding the correct water level prior to charge. This neutralizing agent prevents corrosion or grime build-up of the battery cell and electrical circuits.
  • Make sure that the battery has reached 100% full power before turning the power off. Allow the battery to cool down before removing or placing it back into service.
  • For seasonal applications and prolonged storage, recharge the battery to full before storing.

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