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What Actually Causes Car Battery Discharge?

Top Reasons That Causes Car Battery Discharge

It’s quite frustrating if you experience your car battery problem in Doha on a lonely highway road. If reviving the car engine requires frequent jump-starts, your car battery is likely dead.

The battery is like an automobile’s heart. It regulates the electrical charge of the entire electronic systems. So, it’s crucial to diagnose battery problems before it gets too late. Car battery replacement in Doha brings the best battery inspection and replacement.

The common reasons that lead to battery failure and degradation are:

  1.   Human error    

One of the reasons for car battery drainage is simple human error. Such errors include accidentally leaving the car lights on, the alarm on, or the music system on. It also accounts for charging phones or other electronic devices for long periods. Powering radio and interior lights while the car is turned off also causes battery drainage.

  1.   Loose battery connections

Check if the alternator terminals are loose. Terminals get corroded or loose over time. Since battery won’t transmit power, your vehicle won’t start. To prevent corrosion-related problems of your car battery in doha, ensure to clean battery terminals regularly.

  1.  Temperature 

Extreme hot (over 100 degrees F) or cold (under 10 degrees F) temperature can cause Sulfate crystals to build up and damage the battery. Instead of braving these factors alone, look for a Car battery replacement in Qatar for a Maintenance-Free Battery.

Replace Your Car Battery

With a well-maintained car battery, every road trip offers peace of mind to travellers. But it’s hard to predict when they will fail you. Let Batteryfly assist you with emergency roadside assistance that ensures 24 hours of battery replacement services. We are the most reliable on-road car battery assistance providers offering a wide range of Exide battery models.













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