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Got Stuck With Car Starter Problems Due to Battery

Bad starter…Bad battery…or Bad alternator?

We know it’s frustrating! All these components are equally responsible for powering up the vehicle, but which part of the vehicle is actually faulty? This list will help:

1. Dead Battery ​– Are the ​accessories or lights left on? One of the ​Car Starter Problems due to battery is when the electrical application is left on when the car is off. Power drainage due to battery failure needs a prompt replacement or a quick fix.

2. Damaged Ignition Coil​ ​– If the ignition coil is damaged, it cannot convert the voltage into an electric spark. So, it’s important to test the strength of the current running through the coil.

3. Starter Failure ​– The solenoid at the top of the starter might fail which means the control wire could have a bad connection. This means there is not enough electric current to turn over the engine. Here, the​ starter is likely in need of a rebuild or replacement.

4. Faulty Alternator – The dead battery may be caused by a failing alternator. If the alternator is not generating enough electricity, it will signal dim or flickering lights.

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Even after these issues are addressed you still might experience car starter problems due to battery. Only a certified auto mechanic like ​Batteryfly​ experts ​can fix the problems and ​get your car back to starting. With the right tools and expertise, we can meet all your Car Battery inspection, replacement, service, and installation needs. For more assistance Call: 974 4488 4000.

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